Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Autodesk AEC Live! Leeds Event

Today I attended the Autodesk roadshow event in Leeds. It was a good format with lots of animated presentations (not the usual dull slide shows).

Some of the things I took away from today are listed below:

Autodesk Infrastructure 2013
Great product for massing up early stage site proposals and it integrates very well with the importing of Revit models. Jack Strongitharm illustrated how easy it was to establish a topo surface, drape texture, lay a road through the site, add a Revit house model, add hardscaping and streetscape items then generate rendered images using realistic image mode and sun path lighting.  It gets my vote over traditional methods of carrying out these early stage feasibility schemes.

After the session I asked if it could translate the topo back into Revit. The short answer was 'yes' (but I'm dubious as to how usable that data will be in the Revit model).

Revit Architecture 2013
Lots of info out on the web about what has been released so i'm not going into detail on this one.  Although Simon Gillis did provide a nice demonstration of a housing master plan using Concept Mass and generating Net/Gross Schedules which looked quite nice.

Revit Structure 2013
Again, lots of info elsewhere on this.  Ralph Pullinger did demonstrate a new plugin which looked really nice for timber frame design.  If you haven't already seen it, check out Horizon from Wolf Systems. I believe this is now packaged with Revit Structure??? Post blog note: It's not packaged with Revit but it is a free plugin.

Pozzoni - BIM Level 2 Case Study
James Savage and Mark Stodgell from Pozzoni delivered a squaky clean demo of a live level 2 BIM project with all three disciplines working in Revit.  We all expected the worst when James mentioned 'Live' and 'Revit' in the same breath but thankfully no technical glitches (from the software or it's operator!).

They finished with a presentation of their company show reel which I found quite impressive so thought I'd post it here.  Mark mentioned that all the models in the show reel were developed in Revit before dropping into Max for visualisation and animation.  Take a look...

Project Galileo
This was a nice little demo of soem Augmented reality on an iPad but sadly I cant find the video on youtube which Simon used to demonstrate the product.  Here is a clip of the software from the labs site.


My only negative to take away from today is that Autodesk seem to be developing literally 'thousands' of software applications which is a little demoralising when i'm focusing all my energy on Revit and a few other associated products. When will it end! :-(

The event was marked as fully booked online but it certainly wasn't a full house.  If you havent signed up, only the London event is remaining. Go check it out (even if it says its fully booked!).

Links available on Lee Mullin's blog here:

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