Thursday, 19 January 2012

The 12th London Revit User Group Meeting

Last night was the 12th London Revit User Group meeting held at Arup’s London office.  

A big thanks to Alan Wooldridge and the other committee members for organising the event.

The event consisted of two very interesting speeches covering very different subjects; the first from Paul Morrell (UK Chief Construction Advisor to the UK Government).

Paul delivered a very entertaining and no fuss presentation on the governments BIM initiative and how they can help with the transition (including what this means for the construction industry as a whole).  My favourite quotes taken away from this speech were “Only ask for what you can use”, and “Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you have to.”

To me, both statements really hit home with everyone involved in the construction industry.

In a world now bombarded with all consuming superfluous data, it really makes sense to cherry pick the right  information which is beneficial to the project stakeholders (including end users!).

The second speech was by Dr Stephen Hamil from NBS and Drew Wiggett from Ryder Architecture (also linked with BIM Academy).

They delivered a great speech which was a demonstration of the new digital library currently in production called the National BIM Library.  I think it’s quite brave for anyone to pick up this mantel:  To take the first steps to consolidating a nationally recognised library of Revit and IFC compliant components is quite a task. With so many issues in the industry relating to standards and usage this is going to be a tough challenge. One of the things I liked about they way they are tackling the issue is starting with data in excel and transposing it through IFC into various software formats eg. Revit, ArchiCAD, Bentley etc...

NBS were very open in admitting that this is an evolving process and that the first phase of content would be quite minimalistic, then progressively evolving with feedback from users over time. I look forward to seeing this one develop!  If you wish to give them some feedback or input on any of these subjects, they have a linked in group 'The National BIM Library' which you can join here  They are actively encouraging input.

A big thinks to Carl Colins from Arup for wrapping up the evening and providing superb directions to a pub that didn’t exist:  Around 40 of us all wander  aimlessly around London until we realised the pub had changed names and it was only a stone’s throw from the Arup office (so no hard feelings Carl).

To echo my comments earlier about the ‘all consuming data’, here’s a sneaky shot of a couple of usual suspects having a lovely digital conversation at the bar.  Spur of the moment shot guys (I know you weren’t heads down buried in smart phones all night).

Never the less, whilst most of us were inside enjoying a nice drink, others found that digital data just too hard to let go of!

Eventually batteries ran flat and traditional pub conversation resumed.  A great night was had by all and quite a few new faces in attendance also seemed to really enjoy the event.

Thanks to LRUG and the venue sponsors for hosting. I'm looking forward to the next one in March.

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Nice post Chris. Good to catch up last night.


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