Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Revit 2012 - Reporting Parameters in CW Panels

For me, Curtain Walling in Revit is still lacking in some basic functions like the ability to apply a rhythm (irregular pattern) to the surface using the basic wall tool. David Light has posted an interesting article and video clip on some interesting ways to explore new ideas with paneling. I did manage to come up with a primitive solution to creating irregular patterns which I will be posting shortly (different to the subject below). In the mean time, have a look at this great article. Thanks David!

"I must admit, I don’t know why I hadn’t picked up on this one before, but at RTC USA there was an interesting discussion that took place as well as being highlighted by Harlan Brumms in his class on solving common Autodesk Revit Architecture problems on using reporting parameters in curtain wall panel families.
This got me thinking, if reporting parameters can indeed be used in curtain wall panel families, they should be able to drive the depth of panels. If you can report the width & height of a panel, this will provide you with an area value. This could then be used in conditional formula which will parametrically alter the overall depth of individual panels.
For this exercise I started with a curtain wall panel.rft..."
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