Monday, 18 April 2011

Lego BIM. Just how far behind the times are we?

James Austin of _Space Group has written an article in the BD on Lego BIM which I find very interesting. It makes me question how much our minds have been channelled down a particular procurement route through the traditional design methods and education system. The Architectural gene pool is just too small, it's becoming inbred with inherent mistakes which are accepted as being the norm because we don't know any different (Cave man grunt).

The Lego BIM idea in my view is a breath of fresh air and certainly gets you wondering why we have let this one pass by unnoticed until now. Go spread the diminishing seed of Architecture and flirt with other industries!

You can read the full article here (free login required):

On a lighter note this week, I saw an article from The National Building Museum in Washington DC, about their exhibition “LEGO Architecture: Towering Exhibition” and it reminded me of a few things that pop up in many of my presentations.
Now I don’t think I know a single architect that doesn’t smile wistfully to themselves when I mention Lego. I think most of us have at some time enjoyed playing with it, and some that I know attribute their whole reasons for choosing architecture down to it. So it’s not surprising to see some of the parallels between Lego and architecture (Lego’s mission is “to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”), which have recently been transformed into something more
 Great article James.