Friday, 28 January 2011

Visibility & Type Control of 2D & 3D Objects Within 1 Family

Well its been a long time since my last blog.  We have been really busy developing a new software application for Revit which is aaaaaalmost ready for release so that's been taking up most of my time.

I was contacted today by someone who needed help controlling the visibility of 2D and 3D geometry by Type.  I sent through some screen shots to help so thought it would be worth posting on here as well.

Select the 3D geometry and  within the properties, map a parameter for the visibility control.

Add a parameter

Give it a name and set it as 'Type'

Click OK and choose the new parameter

Notice the visibility check box cannot be controlled any more as it is controlled by our parameter.

Open the Type Editor and create 2 or more types (one with the parameter unchecked).  Remember to hit apply after wards

Here in plan view I have drawn some model lines which will appear in a 3D view.  Add a parameter to control all the lines in the same way we controlled the 3D box.

Open the Type Editor and uncheck visibility for Type 1 (remember to hit apply!).

Load the family into a project to test the visibility controls.  The view below shows Type 1 (3D Geometry turned on).

Change the family to Type 2 to see the 2D Linework without the 3D box.