Friday, 15 October 2010

Type versus Instance Parameters: Whats the Difference?

I'm often asked what the difference is between Instance and Type parameters including how and when they should be used in a family or project.  I recently found a very useful and informative article explaining the difference on the AEC Bytes website by Shawn C. Zirbes from CAD Technology Center, Integrated Content Solutions.

 Shawn says:
In this article, we will discuss a few topics.  First, we will look at the difference between type and instance parameters.  Second, I will describe why one should be chosen over the other.  Third, I will show some examples of each in use in families. Fourth, we will cover a few of the nuances between type and instance parameters.

The Difference between Type and Instance Parameters
All parameters of a Revit family work together to define the Element Properties of that family.  They can hold many data types from simple length and material properties, to HVAC air flow and structural load information.  None of this, however, describes when the parameter is used...

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