Friday, 10 September 2010

Broken Revit Planar Glazing Panel - Fixed (Download)

Has anyone else noticed that the Planar Glazing Curtain Wall Panel in the Autodesk Revit Metric Library has been broken since as long as I can remember? I’m sick of fixing it so finally decided to upload it to the library permanently.

Some of the crude spider connections were broken and didn’t move with the panel when its dimensions changed.

This is now fixed in my amended version.

I have uploaded a 2010 version to the library as a project so you can see how I have built the rubber gasket and glass to glass corner mullions. There are many different ways to achieve this and on large schemes it would be debatable whether you would even go to this much detail in the 3D model.
Remember this is a very crude planar curtain wall system and isn’t based on manufacturer’s details.

You can download the FREE Revit Planar Glazing System here.

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