Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Convert Revit Central Files Back to Single User Files

Here’s a crude technique you can use to convert your workset enabled central files back into a single user file. There is (to my knowledge) no official method of removing the worksets from a model but this method may be useful depending on what you want to do with the model.

Start by creating a completely new project. Don’t use a template, create a new project using the dropdown from the 'R' Icon and at the dialogue box choose No template. This means you will get a completely empty project.

Link the Central file into a new empty project using Insert > Link Revit. After loading, select the linked model and then choose Bind Link from the context tab on the ribbon.

When prompted, select Attached Details, Levels & Grids to bring across into the new model (if required).

When Revit binds the link it converts it into a Revit Group. Select the group and choose Ungroup from the Ribbon menu.

You now have a version of your model without worksets! This is also useful if you want to send your model without any drawing sheets etc. It keeps the file size down and allows you to share only the model data.

Note: Something a lot of people don’t realise is that you can also un-bind a bound model and convert it back into a link again.  Before Ungrouping, pick the grouped modeled you will notice an Un-bind icon on the ribbon.


This isn’t a fool proof method of converting back to a single user file but it is useful for sending models out to teams who don’t use or understand worksets and central files. One of the down sides to this is that all your views and sheets are not brought over in the process (although this could also be seen as a positive).

Friday, 13 August 2010

AEC (UK) BIM Standards First Release

The AEC (UK) BIM Standard has been running for several months now and I realised we aren’t really doing enough to promote its awareness in the UK so here is another plug to help spread the word.

Some large firms are adopting this standard which is great news and we hope more will follow suit. Its not ‘our idea’ of a standard but builds on existing industry principles laid down by CPIC, BS1192, Uniclass etc… Over the next 12 months the intention is to expand the document with comments and feedback from the early adopters. The content creation section of the document still needs expanding and the intention is to develop this as part of the next release.

BIM standards and workflows will always be evolving with the progression of the software, technology and collaboration techniques.  BIM is changing the way we work and it is doing so at an incredible pace. We hope the standard will 'evolve' with the developments in technology; so if you have a suggestion for how parts can be improved please contribute by leaving feedback on the AEC(UK) website!

I have also added the PDF to the Revit Factory downloads section for anyone wishing to get their hands on a copy. Alternatively you can download it from the AEC (UK) website.