Friday, 23 July 2010

Faking It: Curved Gridlines Appearing in Sections

Here is a free Revit Family I created to get around a problem with the display of curved or angular grid lines in a Section or Elevation view.  It is not a 100% foolproof solution but its the best I can come up with so far.

I think Autodesk really need their hands slapping for this one.  Since release 1, Revit has only been able to display grid lines in sections if they are 'exactly' perpendicular (which is a pretty fundamental floor for an industry leading software package). 

The example below shows three grid lines in plan with a section running through them.

If we take a look at the Section (below), you will notice that it only displays grid line 2.  This is because grid line 1 is curved and Revit cannot interpolate the intersection with the section line.  Yes, you guessed it, any curved buildings in Revit will not show grid lines in section!  The same goes for grid line 3 which is not perpendicular to the section line. (I'm sure you are as disappointed as I am).

So to get around this problem i have created a workaround using a line based 2D component comprising a grid head and a line style to match the grid line style.  Sounds simple? It took me quite a while to get it working correctly.

Before loading the family, draw two reference planes in plan where the grid lines intersect the section.

Now load the family which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Move to the section view where you will see the two reference planes.

Place the grid line family by going to Annotation > Detail Component

Draw the grid line using the detail component snapping to the reference plane.

If you hover over the head you will see there is some invisible text scribbled saying "Sim" (meaning similar).  This is so you can see which are the real grid lines and which ones are fake.  The "Sim" won't print.

Open the instance parameters and you will see a field to add a grid line Reference.  Place the value here.

Tip: I normally place a dot after the Grid Reference so that I can visually see on screen which grid lines are fake.  These are the ones I need to double check before sending out the drawings because they won't update position if the grid lines move in plan.
Finally you have your grid lines in section as well as plan!  Like I said before this is a workaround and is not a foolproof solution.  If anyone has any other suggestions to solve this puzzle I would love to hear your ideas.  Ultimately I think Autodesk should be making this one a priority for the next release as its not overly complex but it is a fundamental principle of design!

You can download the family for free by clicking here.

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BIM Troublemaker said...

Very Nice. On my current project, i am dealing with an entirely radial grid geometry so this will come in handy.


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