Thursday, 24 June 2010

Blog Feeds Inside Revit with Communication Center

If you want to get my blog feeds and others directly inside your Revit 2011 application, here's how to do it!

Open Revit 2011 and look for the Communication Center Icon

Click the button to expand the dropdown and click the tiny InfoCenter Settings icon.

In the dialogue box, navigate to the RSS Feeds tab bottom left and then click the 'Add...' button top right.

To add my Revit Elemental feed to your list, copy and paste the text below into the url field.

If all goes well you should see a confirmation message.

To see my feeds, simply click on the Communication Centre icon again and you should see a list of recent blogs along with the Revit Elemental blogs listed in there somewhere. 

To view any of the blogs simply click the title and Revit will open the blog post in your default web browser.

Unfortunately it doesn't link to Google Feeds yet so its a case of adding all your feeds one-by-one to the list. Very handy all the same!


Anonymous said...

What happens when you upgrade to the next version of Revit. Do the rss feeds follow or do you have to re-enter them all over again?

Chris Senior said...

Good point! I've taken a look at the Program Files folder and there is an xml file in there called InfoCenter.xml which holds all your RSS feeds. In future releases im hoping it will be the same format and you should be able to just copy/paste the information into the new version.

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