Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Simple Curved Glazing in Revit Curtain Walls

By default, Revit uses straight panels resulting in faceted glazing when drawn around a curve. One method you could use to create this would be to use the conceptual modelling tools to create complex curved geometry.  An simple option which is often overlooked in Revit is to use a basic wall style:

Here is a basic curtain wall with the system panel glazed making it faceted around the curve.

Start by creating a basic wall style which has a single layer 6mm thick and set the material to Glass.

Pick the Curtain Wall System and edit it's Element Properties. 

Set the default panel type to be the new basic wall style.

The 6mm Glass basic wall style will follow the curve rather than being faceted.

Other suggestions for this technique would be to create cladding panels as basic wall styles.


Anonymous said...

but the mullions are alwez straight.

Trần Như Khánh said...

Create a family "panel" including panel & mullion then loaded into project

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You are my hero!


Na Rem said...

Could I ask a question? I created a cone shape that should be divided into rounded (!) glass slabs (within a curtain system). The cone shape could only be realised with a mass. Is there a way to assign a curved glass panel to this form?
Many thanks in advance :)

Chris Senior said...

Na Rem, I think this would have to be built using the concept mass building maker. Alternatively you could apply a basic wall with a thickness of 24mm to the mass cone and then use manually placed wall sweeps to replicate the mullions and transoms (late reply i know but better late than never!). I hope you managed to solve the problem.

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