Monday, 31 May 2010

Controlling Wall Joins in Revit

Sometimes when you are drawing walls that are close together you may find that they automatically join. What you are really trying to do is stop the wall short but it just keeps joining up again. This could be because it is attempting to join to something higher or lower on a different level, or a multitude of other reasons. What ever the reason, you can manually override the wall join.

This is what you want to happen. Stop the plaster faced wall on the edge of the blockwork wall and dont allow it to join.

But this is what keeps happening. The blue grip joins to the centre of the other wall (which in most cases is what you would expect it to do).

The answer to this problem is very simple (but not so obvious to find).

The function is called 'Disallow Join'

To find the tool, hover over the blue grip on the intersecting wall and right click the mouse. From the options choose 'Disallow Join'*

*Note: If you select the wall and not the blue grip this option will not be available.

The vertical wall becomes detached from the horizontal wall and will no longer automatically clean up the junction.

You can now drag the blue grip back and accurately determine where you want the wall to finish.

You will also notice a 'T' shape symbol appears at the end of the wall identifying that this end will not clean-up/join. You can click the symbol to automatically join the wall again.


Fp said...

Thanks for the tip, never clicked on the blue grip xD...

Cornell Swart said...

thanks!!! who'd think that?

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