Monday, 24 May 2010

Aligning hatch patterns on a curved surface

Hatch patterns can be manually positioned on a wall to suit brick coursing or other setting-out requirements. Normally you do this in an elevation view or 3D view using either the 'Move' tool or the 'Align' tool.

If you have a curved surface (like the one shown here), it is not possible to adjust the vertical lines in an elevation view or 3D view with the above mentioned methods.

Here are the steps you need to follow to adjust curved hatching...

To adjust the horizontal lines, select a hatch line in elevation or 3D view.

Select the move tool and manually move the hatch line down until it snaps to the head of the reveal.

The vertical hatch alignment updates as shown here.

If you try this process for the vertical lines it will not work. Instead, select a vertical hatch line.

This time, pick the Rotate tool and you will see snaps appearing if you hover over the base of the wall as shown. Click on the end point at the reveal to adjust the vertical placement of the hatching.

The vertical hatch line will update to the new location.


Anonymous said...

heh, it's still moved on another side of doors, so basically you didn't change the hatch, you have just moved it. How should i adjust the vertical lines on both sides of the doors?

Chris Senior said...

Yes thats correct, this method is used to move the entire hatch pattern on a curved surface. If you want to align the vertical hatch patterns on each side of the door you would need to split the wall so the hatch patttern on one side is a different entity to the other side. You can then move it independantly of the other. You may also be able to do it using the split surface tool but from memory I don't recall this tool working on curves?

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